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Sanota Solutions

We are providing solutions for factory automation, product line automation and technical issues that comprise in an Organizations.

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Sanota Innovations

According to customer requirements we are ready to innovate new products and work to hand them over with high efficiency.

Sanota Production

We are introduced to various types of machinery for small and medium scale enterprises, industrial robotic solutions, waste treatment solutions, solutions for remote monitoring and internet of things, Bio medical accessories for sanitary and health fields and Educational panels for education purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are offering six month warranty period for every machine. But some machines, warranty period changed. better to contact customer service officer to get full details. and you will receive the warranty card when you purchase the machine. it clearly indicates the warranty period.

  • We are provide basic training about machine, Ready to send technicians to the customer place and provide the necessary technical support, provide technical support via online even after warranty period. But after the warranty period, we will be charged to repairs and visits.

World wide delivery can be arranged. But you need to pay the delivery charges.

Yes. We already have provided innovative and feature added products in according to customer requirements.

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